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MedLab: Heart Disease

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Pre- and post-visit activities

Vital Signs (ZIP)
Become familiar with the field of health science by participating in six hands-on vital sign activities and apply what you learn to complete a patient diagnosis.

Nutrition (ZIP)
Calculate and visualize the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that are in their foods and learn how to interpret a nutrition label.

Exercise (ZIP)
Learn various types of exercises and the effects on the body.

Heart Disease (ZIP)
Create models of plaque formation and atherosclerosis and explore degrees of arterial blockages.

MedLab classroom interactive
MedLab is a unique iPad-based program that leads classroom students through an authentic medical science simulation. Using innovative touchscreen activities, the student examines a patient, reviews symptoms and family history, conducts tests, makes a diagnosis, and selects a treatment course.

Additional resources

WebMD article on cholesterol and plaque buildup in arteries

Mayo Clinic on atherosclerosis

Mayo Clinic on heart attacks

American Heart Association heart disease and stroke statistics

Discovery Health

Kids Health

Museum connections

YOU! The Experience

Genetics and the Baby Chick Hatchery

YOU! The Experience Student Guide (PDF)

YOU! The Experience Guiding Questions (PDF)

Career connections

Explore Health Careers