Museum Exploration Guides

Focus your field trip with these free tools.

Suggested for all grades

Chaperone Guide

Use our Chaperone Guide to ensure a smooth, educational field trip. 

suggested for grades 4 - 8


Go on a hunt for patterns in the Numbers in Nature exhibit and around the Museum.

Lesson (PDF)Student Guide (PDF)

suggested for grades 3 - 5

Measurement and Models

Use this measurement guide to add another layer of interactivity to your exploration of Museum exhibits. 

Lesson (PDF)Student Guide (PDF)

Suggested for grades 4 - 8

Structure and Function

Help students gain a richer understanding of the concept of structure and function as they record observations and experiences at the Museum.

Suggested for grades 3 - 6

What is Science?

Students record their observations and experiences at the Museum and do a follow-up writing exercise in the classroom.

Suggested for grades 4 - 8

Science Storms

Explore the science behind some of nature's most powerful phenomena - tornadoes, waves, lightning, avalanches and more.

Suggested for grades 4 - 12

YOU! The Experience

Help students gain a richer understanding of themselves and how their mind and body work by using these resources.

Suggested for grades 4 - 12

U-505 Submarine

Prepare for your visit with insider knowledge. The Instructor's Manual includes tips, classroom lessons and extensive background information.

Suggested for grades 2 - 8

Simple Machines

Focus your field trip on simple machines found throughout the Museum with activities to do in the classroom and during your Museum visit.

Suggested for all grades

Self-Guided Exploration

m.Stories is a field trip exploration that educates and entertains. This writing activity asks students to note what they observe, understand what they're seeing and connect it to their lives, thus changing their Museum experience from passive observation to meaningful discovery.