Virtual Field Trips

Take a Museum field trip without leaving your classroom.

When you can't come to Griffin MSI, take a virtual field trip with us instead. Participate in a facilitated Learning Lab livestream, or take a live virtual tour of some of our most popular exhibits. And check out our free online STEM learning tools for new ways to engage.  

Virtual Field Trip offerings

Online: Grades 9-12

Live from the Heart

Go live into the operating room to watch heart surgery and learn about careers.

online: Grades 4-8

Virtual Crime Lab

Solve a crime with fingerprint analysis, chromatography, white powder analysis and more.

online: Grades 5-8

Virtual Mars 2040

Learn how NASA plans to get the first manned mission to Mars by the year 2040.

online: Grades 7-12

Virtual MedLab: Diabetes

Learn about vital signs and medical examinations while you analyze data to diagnose and understand diabetes.

online: Grades 3-5

Virtual Weather Wise

Explore atmospheric phenomena and learn how scientists predict weather.