More than just a body, you are a complex blend of your experiences, choices, personality and environment.

Who you are is also shaped by how you care for yourself and choose to enjoy life. Your mind, body and spirit have a vital connection, one you can use to improve your overall sense of well-being. The potential for greater health and vitality is within you … it's only a conversation away. A conversation with yourself.

Young children dancing in Get in the Action exhibit
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Talking with You, About You

When did you last stop to appreciate how amazing you are? That's not mere flattery. Rediscover the incredible organization and resiliency of the body and mind. Trace the journey of life from its first moments. See your body from new perspectives: inside out, or years into the future. Wherever you are in life, and whatever your priorities, you'll have plenty to consider about how far you've come, and what more is possible.

If you live to be 100,
what stories will you have to tell?
What advice will you give?
More about the exhibit

Aspects of daily life and health come together in a hands-on exhibit that examines and celebrates the experience of living.

Make a 13-foot-tall, animated 3-D heart beat in time with yours. Go for a jog in a human-sized hamster wheel. Clear your mind to win a battle of relaxation. Go past the hype over diet and activity to discover choices that suit who you are. Just a few of the moments, big and small, that will have you will rethinking what it is to be you.

Content Advisory

YOU! The Experience contains displays of real human specimens preserved through plastination or other means. While these specimens offer a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the human body, the displays may be disturbing to some guests. Please be advised that several of these displays are located within the main areas of the exhibition.

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