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We all imagine the things awaiting us in the future. Innovators just try a bit harder to hurry them up.

What will the cars be like 50 years from now? Weren't jetpacks and meal pills supposed to be ready, already? Hard to say what's more fascinating: picturing tomorrow or remembering how we used to envision today. No, McFly, hoverboards aren't exactly here yet. While you wait, meet some people who may shape your future in ways no less amazing.

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Fast Forward features innovators working to answer their own questions that push the current boundaries of science and technology. What if you could repair your body at the cellular level? Could food could be grown right in the crowded cities where people live? How far can we extend the human life span? Explore the ideas of 12 people who are seeking tomorrow's answers today.

"The future cannot be predicted,
but futures can be invented."
– Dennis Gabor
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Enter through the cascading gateway of fog to leave behind the everyday and explore the possible.

Fast Forward feels a bit like a reverse time capsule—as if people in the near future collected a few things to send back and tell us what their life is like. It's an ideal space for considering the small ideas that occur to us all day long. How much better could the world be if we were to follow up on these thoughts and make them reality? Hit Fast Forward to find out.