See rare and fascinating historic bicycles from the Museum's collection alongside new high-tech bikes in The Art of the Bicycle.

It is an invention where science, art and engineering intersect—and one we can master at six years old. The first bicycles were revolutionary 200 years ago, and today's bike designers continue to redefine and revisit the concept of cycling. Trace the path of an evolution from Boneshaker to Moonlander in a beautiful gallery of creativity and ingenuity.

If the bike designs don't transport you
to the past, the Seat Wall will.
Two words: banana seat.
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Two Centuries of Two-Wheelers

Rarely displayed artifacts include an 1890 "safety bicycle" that revolutionized the industry, and replicas of the 1818 Draisienne Walking Machine and an 1830 McMillan, one of the first pedal bikes. The 1960s Sears Spaceliner is a chrome-edged mirror of its era, just as new cardboard and hardwood designs reflect concerns about resources and craftsmanship. Explore trends and technologies used by elite athletes, urban riders and bike enthusiasts. It's like time travel on two wheels.