Anchors aweigh on a journey across millennia of seafaring with the authentic models of the Ships Gallery.

The ageless quest to cross the world's waterways—to trade, travel, war or explore—required the right ship to fit the purpose. Ships Gallery, presented by Captain Dave Truitt, features a collection of scale models showing how ships were shaped by tasks and technologies for thousands of years. Might ye be inspired to take the helm? Aye, aye.

See a piece of the stone steps
used by the first Pilgrims to board
their ship to the New World.
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Learn the Ropes

All told, this fleet of nearly 50 model ships spans eras from Phoenician traders to clipper ships, banana boats to the Leviathan. Even avowed landlubbers will be able to identify the Mayflower and the Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria. Details of their workings and purpose come to life in the artistry and scale of the models. Starting to feel the seawater in your veins? Board a nearly life-size replica of a tall ship's quarterdeck to literally learn the ropes… and binnacle, sextant and more.