Sensory Notes

General sensory notes about being at the Museum.

For more sensory notes, see Exhibits and Experiences.

Visit Guides

Our Sensory Map and Communication Book can assist with your visit, and field trip organizers may be interested in our Field Trip Social Narrative.

These resources are also available at the Museum. Just request them when you arrive.

Entry Hall

  • Loud Noises: During busier times when the Entry Hall is full of people, this creates a lot of noise.
  • Sensory Note: The Entry Hall is a large space with big signs, big stairs, video screens and lights.


  • Sensory Note: The Rotunda is a large, open space with views into other exhibits.
  • Loud Noises: The Rotunda has music playing throughout the day. Sometime you will hear loud noises from other exhibits.
  • Bright Lights: Lights above the Rotunda project different colors and patterns that move across the floor.

Quieter Exhibits

Out of the Vault, Eye Spy, Ships Gallery, Art of the Bicycle and Yesterday’s Main Street tend to be the quietest and most relaxing exhibits in the Museum.

More Exhibits and Experiences sensory notes

Quieter Times

Although the Museum regularly has a lot of sounds, the following times tend to be less busy and generally quieter: February, May, September, and October.

Spring Break (March/April), summer (June/July), and the holidays (November/December) are the busiest at Griffin MSI. Crowds at these times can add overall noise and energy.

Noise-Dampening Headphones

Noise-reducing headphones are available for free rental using an ID at Guest Services in the Entry Hall.

Info Desk + Staff

If you need any assistance, directions or recommendations while at the Museum, please see a facilitator at the Info Desk on Main Level 2 or ask any staff wearing a lab coat or Griffin MSI t-shirt.