The Museum's Building

Parking + Automated Doors

Oversize and van-accessible parking spaces are located in our underground parking garage's Blue (D) section, where height clearance varies from 8'2" to 7'2" (check signs). The Blue (D) section also offers an automated push-button entry door into the Museum for ease of access.

There are also accessible parking spaces in all other garage sections, where height clearance is 6'6". Elevators provide access from each parking level and the Entry Hall. Learn more about our convenient indoor parking garage.

Please note that the metered parking lot in Jackson Park to the east and south of the Museum are operated by the Chicago Park District (CPD). There are no entrances to the Museum from this parking lot. Please park in the underground garage (Blue Section) for direct and accessible entry into the Museum.


There are curb cuts in front of the Museum’s main pedestrian entrance. The entrance is equipped with automated (push-button entry) doors in addition to revolving doors. Once inside, elevators and stairs offer access to the Entry Hall ticket counters.

Inside the Museum

Elevators and ramps are located throughout the Museum providing access to all floors. There are accessible toilet stalls in all of our restrooms. The Giant Dome Theater has designated seating for guests using wheelchairs and their companions with an elevator providing access to this seating.

Mobility Devices

Wheelchairs, including manual or electric single seat chairs and electric mobility seated scooters, and other manually operated mobility devices including walkers, crutches, canes, braces and other similar devices, are permitted in all public areas of the Museum. See accessibility notes regarding mobility in individual exhibits. 

No other type of manually operated or power-driven mobility devices are permitted in the Museum, including but not limited to Segways, self-balancing two-wheeled electric scooters or "hoverboards," wagons, tricycles and carts. These devices are not permitted due to the high volume of pedestrian traffic in the Museum, the size, type, weight, dimensions and speed of these devices, and the substantial risk of harm to Museum exhibits, other guests and the user.

If your mobility device is not permitted, the Museum has manually operated wheelchairs available for use free of charge. Use our Guest Service form to request a wheelchair reservation.

Guest Services Request

Exhibits and Experiences

Certain exhibits have limited accessibility, due to their historic nature. Others may have variations in sensory levels (light, sound or motion) for which guests may want to prepare. 

Exhibit accessibility notes

Where it tends to be quieter, louder, brighter or darker in general areas of the Museum. See also Exhibits and Experiences.

Sensory Notes

Info Desk + Staff

If you need any assistance, directions or recommendations while at the Museum, please see a facilitator at the Info Desk on Main Level 2 or ask any staff wearing a lab coat or Griffin MSI t-shirt.