Moving With Newton

Extend learning with these resources.

Pre- and post-visit activities

Egg Drop
Transform potential energy to kinetic energy while demonstrating the property of inertia as you drop eggs into cups of water.

Build a Roller Coaster
Learn about energy as you send a marble through a roller coaster that you design.

Egg Bungee
Make a bungee cord of rubber bands as you drop an egg close to the ground.

Comeback Can
Learn about forms of energy as you make a comeback can and understand how it works.

Additional resources

Rader's Physics4Kids

The Physics Classroom: Newton's Laws

NSTA Newton's 1st Law Science Object

NSTA Newton's 2nd Law Science Object

NSTA Newton's 3rd Law Science Object

Museum connections

Science Storms

Science Storms Student Guide (PDF)

Science Storms Phenomena Student Guide (PDF)

Science Storms Guiding Questions (PDF)

Career connections Careers

American Physical Society: Physics Careers