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Learning Labs


Moving With Newton

Extend learning with these resources.

Pre- and post-visit activities

Egg Drop
Transform potential energy to kinetic energy while demonstrating the property of inertia as you drop eggs into cups of water.

Build a Roller Coaster
Learn about energy as you send a marble through a roller coaster that you design.

Egg Bungee
Make a bungee cord of rubber bands as you drop an egg close to the ground.

Comeback Can
Learn about forms of energy as you make a comeback can and understand how it works.

Additional resources

Rader's Physics4Kids

The Physics Classroom: Newton's Laws

NSTA Newton's 1st Law Science Object


NSTA Newton's 2nd Law Science Object https://common.nsta.org/resource/?id=10.2505/7/SCB-FM.3.1

NSTA Newton's 3rd Law Science Object https://common.nsta.org/resource/?id=10.2505/7/SCB-FM.4.1

Museum connections

Science Storms

Science Storms Student Guide (PDF)

Science Storms Phenomena Student Guide (PDF)

Science Storms Guiding Questions (PDF)

Career connections

Physics.org: Careers

American Physical Society: Physics Careers