space science and engineering

Mars 2040

Extend learning with these resources.

Pre- and post-visit activities

Mission to Mars: Eat Like an Astronaut

Use menus developed by NASA to develop a meal plan for space travel. This activity features a video and lesson guide.

Mission to Mars: Pack Like an Astronaut

Decide what personal items you would take with you on a trip to Mars. This activity features a video and lesson guide. 

STEM Activity (ZIP)

Students will learn the importance of teamwork, what STEM means and create a collage that illustrates their understanding of STEM.

Comparing Mars and Earth (ZIP)
Students will compare and contrast the characteristics of Mars and Earth using Google Earth.

Exploring NASA Careers (ZIP)
Students will explore various careers at NASA and in STEM-related fields. At the end of this lesson, students will be able to create and plan a career path.

Additional resources

Mars Exploration Program

Mars Science Laboratory

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Mars for Educators

Museum connections 

Henry Crown Space Center

Career connections

Working for NASA