Membership Reciprocity

Members can visit hundreds of museums around the world for free or at discounted rates!

ASTC reciprocity

MSI belongs to the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), a global organization of science centers and museums. As an MSI member, you may take advantage of the ASTC Travel Passport Program that allows you to visit museums across the U.S. and around the world for free or discounted admission.

ASTC Travel Passport Program locations

Important visiting tips

Participation in and the benefits of reciprocity programs can change at any time, so please keep these tips in mind:

  1. Call ahead
    Before you go, give the museum you plan to visit a quick call to confirm that reciprocal admission benefits or discounts are still in effect.
  2. Bring your MSI membership card
    You must take your MSI membership card with you in order to verify your identity and the active status of your membership. We are unable to verify MSI membership via telephone. Without your card, you will be required to pay full admission prices.
  3. Check the list and verify 90-mile distance
    Please note that the ASTC Travel Passport Program has exclusions. Make sure the destination museum is not located within 90 miles of either your home residence or MSI. This distance is measured as a linear radius, not driving distance. Chicago, Illinois, Rockford, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are within 90 miles and organizations in those locations are not eligible for ASTC reciprocity. See below for local reciprocity opportunities.

Local reciprocity

MSI members at all levels enjoy 50 percent off admission at the following museums: