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Scan you dig it?

Park Like a Member

Members do not need to validate a ticket when parking at the Museum.

Your membership card is everything you need to get in and out of the Museum's garage. Digital and physical cards can be used, as long as the membership QR code is visible. Here's how it works:

When you arrive

  • Scan your member card in the pink area to enter the garage. (If you have any issues scanning, press the call button.)

When you leave

Individual and Dual members

  • Scan your member card again at the exit gate.
  • Individual members pay $22.
  • Dual members pay $14.

Family, Explorers and Society members

  • Scan your member card again at the exit gate.
  • Your membership level means you park free!

Remember that free or discounted parking applies to only one car per membership per visit. Any additional cars will be charged at the standard rate. Motorcycle parking is not permitted.

Parking rates

Your parking benefit applies only to the MSI underground garage, which is the only Museum-owned parking. Metered self-parking lots east and south of the Museum building on Columbia Drive are managed and transacted by Standard Parking (312-742-7667).

Need a replacement membership card?

Request one online or call (773) 947-3161.