Member FAQ and Services

New Membership

  • What types of memberships do you offer and how much do they cost?

  • How can I purchase a membership?

  • Can I apply the costs of a Museum visit toward the cost of a membership?

  • If I purchase a membership today, when can I begin using it?

  • How many guests does my membership allow me to get into the Museum?

  • How do I purchase a gift membership?

  • Do you offer student or senior discounts on membership?

  • Do you offer teacher discounts on membership?

  • How long is my membership valid?

  • I'm planning to visit the Museum for the first time since becoming a member. What do I do?

  • Is there a member code of conduct?


Using Your Membership

  • How do I validate parking?

  • How can I update my contact information?

  • I have changed my mind and would like to receive a refund for my membership.

  • How long does it take to receive my membership card(s)?

  • I lost my membership card(s). How do I get replacement card(s)?

  • What should I do if I don't have my membership card when I visit?

  • Do my children get their own membership cards?

  • What are the guidelines for place of residence and number of people who can receive benefits at the Dual and Family Levels?

  • Can my teenage children use my membership card to take advantage of benefits?

  • Can I let a friend or family member not listed on my membership use my card?

  • I'm a grandparent with a Family Level membership. Can my adult children use my membership to bring my grandkids?

  • Can my caregiver visit MSI with my children but without me?

  • If I want to upgrade to a higher membership level, do I have to wait until my current membership expires?

  • Does my MSI membership allow me to visit other museums for free or at a discount?

  • Does the Museum share my contact information?

  • Can I have a receipt for my taxes?

  • Can I bring my grandchildren to the Museum under the Family membership?

Renewing Memberships

Member Service Form

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