The Environment: Your Focus. Our Future.

solar panels under sky at sunset

Climate change, biodiversity loss, land degradation, and other environmental issues are destabilizing and challenging the life-giving systems of planet Earth. The environmental crisis multiplies the threats to humanity, amplifying and worsening existing social vulnerabilities and injustices.

At the same time, the urgency of these environmental issues creates a remarkable opportunity to develop new technologies that move us toward solutions. Our sustainable future will also require inventors, technicians and scientists with the know-how to build, use and service this technology. Success in these careers will begin with the skills developed today.

With this in mind, your Green Lab should develop STEM skills with a focus on environmental sustainability and technology, along with strategies and careers in these fields. Your Green Lab can study a specific topic, such as Energy, Water + Food, Waste, and Wild Spaces. You can also explore a combination of topics, including these or other themes related to our planet’s environmental systems.

Your proposed program must also reflect themes of environmental equity and justice, such as racial and ethnic equity, economic equity, and/or the inclusion of indigenous people’s practices.