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More Ideas

After Makers United, keep it going!

Makers United is not just about building one thing. It is also an invitation to revisit the process of making things. It doesn’t have to involve digital fabrication or even any technology at all. Whatever it is that you are already good at making or even just want to try, it’s the process and experience that counts. Enjoying the process of making can lead you to create bigger and better things

Want ideas? What if you were to...?

  • Take a class at a hackerspace to work with laser cutters and 3D printers.
  • Try fermenting or pickling vegetables to create your own pantry essentials.
  • Use an instant camera to print photos you turn into a collage.
  • Attend a Fab Lab workshop to turn your designs into real creations.
  • Make your own art at a woodworking or metalworking shop.
  • Get vintage clothes from a thrift store and upcycle them.
  • Gather your friends for a robot-building competition.
  • Open up an old cassette player to figure out how it works.
  • Drop into a screen-printing class and design a poster.

What have you made? What are your ideas?

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