Just steps from the Wright Flyer replica, there's another kind of aircraft taking off that recaptures the original thrill of flight. Ride or fly, it's up to you.

Choose from two simulations taking off daily on the Museum's Balcony Level. No airline reservations, no carry-ons—just visit the Simulator Gallery for tickets to board and even control some of history's greatest aircraft.

need for speed

Choose your adventure

Interactive Flight Simulator

You control the action! Climb aboard and try your skills as either a pilot or gunner in a historic aircraft: choose from the F-4 Phantom, the A-10 Thunderbolt II, F-15 Eagle, the P-51 Mustang and more. Choose either pilot or gunner responsibilities. Climb, dive, and roll your simulator in 360-degree barrel rolls to earn “ace” status (training time included prior to your mission). 

Admission: $20 per ride ($18 for Griffin MSI members), good for up to two people. IMPORTANT: Purchase only one ticket per two riders. (Approx. 6 minutes.)
Safety requirements: Flyers must weigh less than 245 lbs. You must be at least 48” (approx. 122 cm) tall to ride.

Motion Simulators

Take an exciting virtual trip onboard a six-passenger motion theater pod. Choose from ride experiences including a trip through the Milky Way galaxy to see a massive Black Hole, track a powerful tornado while Riding the Wind, blast off with Endeavour Space Mission Hubble or Discovery Space Mission Hubble, or trace the history of aviation in Wings: Flights of Courage.

Admission: $8 per person ($7 for Griffin MSI members). Up to six people per ride per pod. (Approx. 5 minutes.)
Safety requirements: Riders must be at least 42" tall (approx. 106 cm) to ride unless accompanied by an adult.