Have a ball following Swiss Jolly Ball as it rolls up, down and all around on a rollicking tour of Switzerland … as if Rube Goldberg were your guide.

It's a hidden gem of the Museum that will become a fast favorite once you discover it. Watch an ingenious mechanical show put on by the big pinball rolling through Swiss scenery, triggering actions and sounds everywhere it goes. Once you start trying to predict what it will do next, you'll be hooked.

Guinness World Records declared it to be
the "world's largest flipper machine" in 1988.
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Pinball Wizardry

Over seven feet high and 15 feet wide, this massive example of a pinball machine type known as a "flipper" contains more surprises than a Swiss bank account. The ball rolls through hotels, boats, ski lifts and even levitates a giant Toblerone bar. Kids love watching the frenetic yet easy-to-follow action. Tinkerers can appreciate the clever and upcycled engineering: the inventor made it out of salvaged scrap metal. And anyone can enjoy the one-of-a-kind Newtonian show it puts on.