All Aboard the Pioneer Zephyr! Ride back to an historic day, on the train that would reinvent travel and design.

On May 26, 1934, a gleaming new train named for a Greek god of wind began a nonstop "Dawn to Dusk" speed run from Denver to Chicago. The Zephyr completed the trip in just over 13 hours, ushering in a new height of train travel and style. Its sleek Art Deco form was soon to be mirrored in everyday items from transportation to toasters. 

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Explore this record-setting train to learn how its diesel-electric engine, innovative construction and lower center of gravity allowed it to travel faster and more efficiently than steam locomotives. Try out interactive stations demonstrating the physical properties that propelled the Silver Streak into history. The Zephyr will transport you to visit life during the height of rail travel.

Among the passengers aboard
the 1934 record-breaking run was a
"Rocky Mountain canary." (That's a burro.)
More about the exhibit

There's something about a train … but there's really something about this particular train.

Whether you're old enough to remember when the Zephyr still rode the rails, or young enough to think your train table has sprung to life, rediscover the magic of trains while touring an icon of ingenuity and 1930s style. As will happen on a train, someone or something interesting is bound to be around the next corner.

The Pioneer Zephyr exhibit is generously supported by The Grainger Foundation.

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