Patterns surround us in nature. They'll tell you how things work on our planet, if you know where to look to find them.

Out the window, through a microscope, or in the mirror—patterns surround us. They form the veins of a leaf, the spiral of a nautilus, and the spots on a giraffe. Patterns also inspire us as we create or build things: some arrangements just … feel right. Our key to unlocking these patterns is math. Math "isn't your thing"? Wait until you see Numbers in Nature.

Numbers in Nature is included in Museum Entry, and requires a free timed-entry ticket available onsite. Learn more about the exhibit below.

More about the exhibit

Reveal the Patterns

The reveal begins immediately. Pass a display of images from nature, and hidden patterns will emerge. More examples are disclosed to you in a large-screen film. Enter the Mirror Maze to literally step inside a massive pattern: a dizzying, seemingly infinite sea of triangles to navigate and find the secrets inside … including the way out. Complete the journey in an interactive gallery where you'll uncover the patterns in your own body and in centuries of music, art and architecture.

Once you start to notice
all the patterns around you,
it can be hard to stop.
More about the exhibit

It's the ultimate "ah ha" moment—an experience of math that is hardly by the numbers.

Maybe you've been in a mirror maze before, but where else could you also be exploring math and science as you laugh and feel your way through a maze? Step up to a mirror and it measures and draws your body's proportions. The "golden ratio" will suddenly seem plain as, well, the nose on your face. Never look at the world the same way again.

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