Science Leadership Initiative

School Support Tool

A graphic explaining the steps of evidence gathering and rating, action planning and implementing

Griffin MSI-trained Teacher Leaders utilize the School Support Tool at their schools. Grounded in current education research, the tool identifies eight Essential Elements for schools to consider. The tool's design uses a rating system and action plan cycle for yearlong planning and implementation. The tool is housed in an online digital portal that collects, archives and manages information.

Evidence Gathering and Rating

An assembled cross-disciplinary team will gather evidence around the Eight Essential Elements that support science education:

  • Values
  • Collaboration and Planning
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Professional Learning
  • Communication
  • Technology
  • Partners
  • Money

Led by the Teacher Leader, the team uses the collaborative processes and procedures developed by Griffin MSI to rate nineteen items related to the eight elements. Team members provide individual and cross-departmental evidence or examples.

Once all evidence has been considered, the team collaboratively uses the rating system to come to a mutual decision on what to rate each item based on their conversations, shared understanding and agreement.

Action Planning

After the rating is complete, the school has a gauge of how it supports science education. The team follows an action plan cycle to prioritize ideas that support school-wide improvements based on their ratings. The team creates an achievable and customized year-long action plan.


Members of the Griffin MSI team support Teacher Leaders as they manage the implementation of their school’s action. At the end of the year, they revisit the plan, assess changes in the ratings and consider new goals for the following year.

The Science Leadership Initiative is made possible in part by The Davee Foundation and the Polk Bros. Foundation.