Science Leadership Initiative


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“STEM is critical to our nation’s well-being, and we need more youth to enter STEM careers. A key part of doing that is supporting you, administrators and Teacher Leaders in Chicago-area schools, and recognizing that you are doing this important work.”

— David Mosena, MSI President and CEO

MSI hosts an annual celebratory event each spring to recognize our current school partners. This event allows our partners to share their accomplishments and act as a model for other schools who are looking to prioritize science education at the whole-school level. Attendees have the opportunity to network with about 250 other professionals including the school partners, MSI staff members and external stakeholders. 

The school partner presentations during the event illustrate how collaboration and conversations about science involving administrators, staff and teachers across subjects and grade levels is a critical part of the program’s success. By creating cross-disciplinary teams as a foundation during year one of the program, school partners build upon and strengthen their work in years two and three, to continue prioritizing and revitalizing science education at the whole-school level. 

“It's really gratifying to see so many teachers in leadership roles as well as learn about the changes they're leading at their schools.”

— school administrator

The Science Leadership Initiative is made possible in part by The Davee Foundation and the Polk Bros. Foundation.