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Science Leadership Initiative

School Partners Program Components

The Science Leadership School Partners Program is a unique opportunity for K-8 schools to partner with MSI as they enhance science education at the whole-school level. A School Partner that applies for and is accepted into the program will receive comprehensive school support in the following categories.

Supports from MSI Team Members

  • Work sessions at MSI
  • School Partner Symposium
  • School Partner Recognition Event

School Partner Cohorts

  • Teacher Leader Cohort
  • Administrator Cohort
  • Cross-disciplinary School Team
  • Alumni Mentors

Research-based Support Tools

  • School Support Tool Workbook
  • School Support Tool Handbook
  • School Support Tool Digital Suite

Program benefits include:

  • Teacher Leaders enhance their career opportunities and receive a stipend for the anticipated 40 hours of work they spend at their school and at work sessions at MSI.
  • A cohort of Teacher Leaders spend time together in work sessions at MSI planning, troubleshooting and supporting one another.
  • A cohort of administrators support each other as they lead science initiatives at the whole-school level.
  • School Partners can reapply and receive supports for up to three consecutive years, including access to the digital database that houses the School Support Tool and manages each school’s information.
  • School Partners will receive implementation support each year to help carry out action plan items that will enhance science education at the whole-school level.

The Science Leadership Initiative is made possible in part by The Davee Foundation and the Polk Bros. Foundation.