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Science Leadership Initiative


New School Partners

The Science Leadership School Partners Program is open to Chicago-area elementary and middle schools (grades K-8) that will:

  • Nominate a Teacher Leader, with at least three years of classroom experience and currently teaching science, who has demonstrated ability to lead colleagues. The Teacher Leader will facilitate and manage this program at the school.
  • Prioritize the time required for this program in the school's calendar.
  • Partner with MSI and use the School Support Tool to prioritize science at the whole-school level.

Requirements for Acceptance

  • Both the administrator and Teacher Leader read the Recruiting Information Packet (PDF) and agree on the following:
    —Key features: What the program is and is not
    —Time requirements
    —Requirements, benefits and supports
  • The Teacher Leader fills out an online application (below).
  • The administrator fills out an online application (below).
  • The administrator and Teacher Leader participate in a 20-minute phone interview with MSI staff, scheduled by MSI after all application documents are submitted.

The Science Leadership Initiative is made possible in part by The Davee Foundation and the Polk Bros. Foundation.