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Girls in STEM

STEM professionals solve some of the world's most pressing problems using ingenuity, teamwork, expertise, and creativity. These fields need everyone!

However, as of 2019, only 34% of STEM professionals were women. Research shows that girls' self-efficacy in STEM begins to decline in middle school, even when they are capable in math and science. Gender-expansive youth face systemic barriers to participation in STEM. The Ann Drake Girls in STEM Initiative aims to remove barriers in STEM so that girls and gender-expansive youth can use their unique gifts to pursue whatever career they choose.


Girls in STEM programs provide a wide range of opportunities for girls and gender-expansive youth to learn about themselves and STEM. Each program is designed to be hands-on and connect girls and gender-expansive young people with relatable role models in STEM subjects and career pathways.

These programs are made possible by Ann M. Drake.

Gain insight directly from STEM professionals.

Week-long sessions to engage with STEM.

event: september 16, 2023

Inventive Genius Day

Learn about a real-world problem, design and build a solution, and pitch your invention!

event: november 4, 2023


Engage in STEM challenges throughout MSI.

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