Learning Labs

Facilitated, focused, hands-on learning experiences for school groups aligned to Next Generation Science Standards.

Led by a Museum educator, Learning Labs connect with classroom curriculum and are designed to increase science knowledge, engage students in the scientific process, and provide insight into STEM careers.

Labs accommodate 30 to 35 students and cost $120 to $140 (except Live from the Heart, which is $300). You'll have access to key vocabulary and pre- and post-visit classroom activities to continue your exploration.

Contact us if you need to accommodate students with special needs such as learning ability, language or physical ability.



Grades 4-8

Colorful Chemistry

See what happens when you mix chemicals and add some heat.

Grades 9-12

Evidence Lab

Explore forensic science techniques as you analyze DNA, blood spatter, bullets and trace evidence to solve a crime.

Grades 7-12

MedLab: Diabetes

Complete real medical tests using lab tools and work with a human patient simulator to diagnose diabetes.

Work together to keep the first crew of humans on Mars alive.

Grades 3-5

Simple Machines

Push and pull larger-than-life simple machines and test your knowledge to learn how distance affects force.

Grades 4-8

Crime Lab

Use fingerprint analysis, chromatography, white powder analysis and more to solve a crime.

Grades 9-12

Live from the Heart

Talk with a surgical team and explore careers while watching live heart surgery via videoconference.

Grades 7-12

MedLab: Heart Disease

Explore heart disease with authentic medical tests, equipment and a human patient simulator.

Grades 4-8

Moving With Newton

Explore Newton's three laws of motion through hands-on activities.

Grades 3-5

Weather Wise

Explore weather, weather prediction, and the difference between weather and climate.

Use the engineering design cycle to design, build and test bridges.

Grades 7-12

MedLab: Asthma

Diagnose asthma as you work with a human patient simulator and complete real medical tests.

Work collaboratively to tackle challenges facing NASA as you design, launch and land a rover on Mars.

Explore the nature of science using pendulums.

Home school students can participate in specially scheduled Learning Labs held monthly on Tuesday mornings.

Economically disadvantaged schools can apply for scholarships through the Baxter International Inc. Learning Lab Scholarship Fund.