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Planning Your Visit


Groups and Field Trips

At the Museum

  • Is photography allowed in the Museum?

    Yes. Photos and videotapes for personal use may be taken inside the Museum, except in the MSI Theater and in certain special exhibits or presentations. Due to safety concerns, tripods are not allowed. Photos, videotapes or audiotapes for any other use require advance notice and the express prior written permission of the Museum's Public Relations Department.

  • Do you have an area for nursing mothers at the Museum?

    Nursing moms can breastfeed their babies in any public area of the Museum, with or without a cover based on their preference. Additionally, MSI offers a special nursing space in the Idea Factory exhibit. Moms who bottle feed may also feed their babies anywhere. 

  • May I bring my own stroller, wheelchair or wagon?

    Your own stroller and wheelchair is permitted inside the Museum, except in certain exhibits where posted. For the safety of our guests, wagons are not permitted.

    Stroller and wheelchair rental are available in the Entry Hall. Please see our Amenities page for more details. 

  • Is the Museum accessible to guests with disabilities?

    Yes. Please read our Accessibility page to learn more.

  • Where can I store luggage or other items during my Museum visit?

    The Museum's Coat Check is located in the Entry Hall. See our Amenities page for more details.

  • My child has food allergies. Are there allergy-free options for us in the Brain Food Court?

    The Brain Food Court offers a variety of lunch options including salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, market station, grill favorites, soup, fruits and desserts. There are gluten/dairy/nut free options; please check with our food service staff to confirm any ingredients.

    For specific allergen information or questions regarding menu items in our Brain Food Court, Museum Café and Finnigan’s Ice Cream Parlor, please contact our Food Service Team at 773-753-6869. We ask that you contact the Food Service Team at least two weeks in advance of your visit to ensure you have the best dining experience while at the Museum. Please note that we do not have an allergen-free kitchen. Guests with special dietary needs or who suffer from sensitive or life threatening food allergies are welcome to bring pre-prepared foods to the Museum.

After Your Visit

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