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From Science Fiction to Science Fact

Meet NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts scientists with visionary ideas powering new missions to the most extreme environments in and out of our solar system!

Our 2020 MSI Inventive Genius lecture featured the innovators behind concepts for SmartSuit, a next generation spacesuit, and BREEZE, a bio-inspired flying "stingray" for interplanetary exploration.


Dr. Ana Diaz Artiles, Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University, is a NASA NIAC Fellow developing SmartSuit: a hybrid, intelligent, and highly mobile extravehicular activity spacesuit for the next generation exploration missions.

Dr. Javid Bayandor of the University at Buffalo (UB) – The State University of New York, is an enthusiastic aerospace engineer and NASA NIAC Fellow. He is currently working on BREEZE, a morphing spacecraft inspired by the biokinematics of a stingray, which could help scientists explore the mysterious dark side of Venus.

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