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Summer Brain Games

Experiment: Color Patterns

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MSI has hosted the Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition annually since 1970. The exhibition features over 200 works by professional and amateur African-American artists from around the country, including youth ages 14 to 17. Featured artworks include paintings, drawings, fine art prints, sculpture, mixed-media, ceramics and photography.  


  1. Look through the online art gallery and choose a piece of art with colors that you like. 
  2. What colors do you see? Write down up to four colors that you can identify.
  3. Search the gallery for another piece of art with similar colors.
  4. Try making your own artwork using the colors you selected. 

What's Happening?

Artists use certain kinds of color combinations because they are pleasing to the eye. For example, analogous colors are those that are similar--light blue and dark blue, or red and orange. Complementary colors are opposite colors that enhance each other, like yellow and dark blue, or purple and green. Can you find examples of analogous or complementary colors in the Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition gallery?

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