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The Museum presents a content partnership with Science News in celebration of the magazine's 100 years.

Science News: A Century of Science

1921 saw the first news reports from what would become Science News, a journalistic endeavor that founders E. W. Scripps and William E. Ritter established to provide accurate engaging news of science for the public.

The decades that followed brought remarkable advances in knowledge and invention, with new discoveries about the natural world accompanying entirely new fields of study, from computer science to genetic engineering, from the splitting of the atom to the study of planets beyond our solar system. In all that time, one lesson has stood above all the rest: science is an integral, fascinating and essential part of our world.

Now, with 100 years of scientific advancement and reporting to draw upon, the Museum of Science and Industry is thrilled to partner with the Society for Science's Science News to bring this amazing treasure trove of discovery to you. As we join in this celebration, we invite you to explore contemporaneous accounts of some of the most significant milestones in science at Century of Science, along with the full archives of Science News.

Explore a Century of Science

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Shaking Up Earth

How has the study of plate tectonics shaken our understanding of the ground beneath our feet?

Explore the advances this century that transformed our understanding of the world, our universe, and our lives.

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Magazine Archive

Search the Science News archives for a variety of topics to pique your curiosity from the past 100 years of science. 

Recent Science News articles

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