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Science News: Century of Science

The Museum presents a content partnership with Science News in celebration of the magazine's 100 years.

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Other Worlds

Are we alone in the universe? New tools are giving us a clearer picture. 

The antivenom for a black mamba’s bite could one day work for a slew of other snakes.  Scientists have developed an antibody that shuts down paralyzing toxins in the venom of black mambas, king cobras and dozens of ... [more]
In the mountains of southern Spain, one type of thistle plant seems to have built-in air conditioning. The flowers of the thistle Carlina corymbosa are, on average, about 3 degrees Celsius cooler than the surrounding ... [more]

Explore a Century of Science

We connect the dots by exploring the themes and ideas of Century of Science.

Explore the advances this century that transformed our understanding of the world, our universe, and our lives.

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Search the Science News archives for a variety of topics to pique your curiosity from the past 100 years of science.