Dr. Voula Saridakis


Content expertise: history of science and technology, history of astronomy/space sciences, women/gender in the history of science and technology, artifact biography

Voula Saridakis, Ph.D., is a curator in the Collections department and is part of the team that is responsible for the care of Griffin MSI's 35,000+ artifacts. During her time at the Griffin Museum of Science and Industry, Dr. Saridakis has been responsible for the research and development of content for several exhibits. Most recently, she curated U-505 Submarine: 75 Stories, an anniversary exhibit commemorating the 1944 capture of the U-505 submarine featuring 75 rarely-seen photographs and artifacts.

Dr. Saridakis, a historian of science and technology by training, has 19 years of college-level teaching experience in subjects including history of science, women and gender in science, world civilizations, European history, and women's history. She has a Master of Science and a Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies (interdisciplinary history, philosophy, and sociology of science) from Virginia Tech, and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Cornell University. She has been an invited speaker to several conferences including the History of Science Society, Society for the History of Technology, and Biennial History of Astronomy Workshop, as well as local libraries, the Rotary Club and the 2019 Macy's Flower Show. She appeared as a historical investigator on the History Channel series "Lost Worlds" for the episode, "Al Capone's Secret City," and Atlas Obscura's video series "Objects of Intrigue," as well as several local television outlets including "CBS Morning News," "Fox 32 Live," and "The Jam" on WCIU-TV (The U). She has also been interviewed by the Chicago Tribune, starwars.com, and WBEZ radio.