MSI Experts and Scientists Available to Media

The Museum of Science and Industry offers a variety of experts in science, STEM education, exhibition development and administration that are available to the media for general interviews and topical commentary.

The Museum’s Welcome to Science Initiative is a great resource for those working on stories about the need for improvement in our country’s STEM education and what organizations like museums can do to improve it.

MSI also offers a demonstration team who can bring science concepts to life by planning a fun and compelling hands-on science segment for broadcast media.

To book an interview

Contact Amy Patti at (773) 947-6005 or Julie Parente at (773) 753-6249.

president and ceo

David Mosena

Content expertise: developing museums as educational resources, science museum leadership in the 21st century

vice president of education and guest services

Andrea Ingram

Content expertise: STEM education policy, the role of museums in education

itw director of teaching and learning

Nicole Kowrach

Content expertise: science teacher professional development, classroom science instruction, Next Generation Science Standards

director of science and technology

Patricia Ward, Ph.D.

Content expertise: genetics, personalized medicine, cell biology, immune systems, exhibit technology, women in science

director of community initiatives

Bryan Wunar

Content expertise: STEM learning outside the classroom, community engagement in science, youth and STEM careers, general science 

senior exhibit developer

Olivia Castellini, Ph.D.

Content expertise: physics, nanotechnology, materials science, quantum mechanics, microscopy, women in science, communicating science to the public

director of collections and head curator

Kathleen McCarthy

Content expertise: collections care and maintenance, Museum history, exhibit development, museum storytelling