The prairie wetlands are bigger than Texas, and yet, are surprisingly unknown.

As the glaciers retreated at the end of the last ice age, they left an astounding gift of connected rivers, lakes and wetlands across the heartland of North America. Today, these little-known water highways remain an oasis for wildlife, including herds of bison, swaying grasslands, wildflowers, vital honeybees that pollinate our crops and millions of magnificent birds that migrate along these “flyways.”

Wings Over Water, narrated by Michael Keaton, tells the compelling story of three amazing bird species—the sandhill crane, the yellow warbler and the mallard duck—with extraordinary footage of their fascinating behaviors. All of them depend on the wetlands for their survival.

Experience the triumphs and challenges of these remarkable birds that defy all odds as they head home to the prairies to raise their young.

This film is not included in Museum Entry, and requires an additional timed-entry ticket.

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