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A Secret Made Public

By the close of 1944, the Allies had a strong upper hand in the U-boat war. Still, it was not until May 4, 1945 that German Naval Command issued the following order: "Attention all U-boats. Cease-fire at once. Stop all hostile action against Allied shipping." Three days later, Germany officially surrendered to the Allies.

With the U-boat threat eliminated, the U.S. Navy no longer needed to keep the U-505 a secret. A press release was issued on May 16, 1945, detailing the capture and salvage effort. In the months that followed, the U-505 went on tour as part of the U.S. government's Seventh War Loan drive to raise funds for the war against Japan. The sub stopped at several East Coast cities, where spectators could climb aboard in exchange for purchasing war bonds.