To be precise, they excel at precision

The human body is a wondrous machine, and simply grabbing an object is an act full of complex and innate abilities that many of us take for granted. Yet our bodies have their limitations, and this is where robots can step in and complete specific tasks much faster, more precisely and with more strength than we can.

Learn about the skills robots possess that mimic—and often surpass—human capabilities. See if your eyes can keep up with the speedy sorting of different colored pills into jars. Try out a variety of gripper robots with designs inspired by nature, and test their abilities to adapt to objects of varying shapes and sizes.

Meet robots with skills like these:

Bionic Handling Assistant

Inspired by an elephant’s flexible and powerful trunk, the Festo Bionic Handling Assistant is made of rings of flexible plastic, so there are no rigid joints. It has 11 degrees of freedom—or ability to travel in different directions—and can move through space as no other robot arm can.

Robotic21 System

The revolutionary Yasakawa Robotic21 System has two arms and can use them together or independently. This particular version has suction cups circling its grippers that it uses to pick up cards, and will play games of 21 with you. (Clearly, it is good at knowing when to hold 'em.)