Boldly going where sometimes we can't

Mobile robots can enter dangerous situations so humans can stay at a safe distance. They can go places that are too remote (like Mars) or difficult for people to reach (like factory pipelines). You might not expect it, but some of the most challenging places for a robot to go are the unstructured environments where we live, work and play every day.

Explore the varieties of ways that robots can move and how they can offer humans access to places we can’t venture ourselves. Test ROBOTIS-MINI’s ability to put one foot in front of the other and control its balance. RHex (pictured) uses springy bug-like legs to run and leap over various types of terrain. 

Other robots on the move include:

Recon Scout® Throwbot® XT

The police and military use the Recon Scout® Throwbot® XT to explore dangerous environments before sending in people. This rugged, remotely operated micro-robot can maneuver through cluttered indoor environments and over landscapes of dirt, sand and rocks.


Built like a miniature tractor, TOPY OSCAR (Optical Stair Climbing Advanced Robot) climbs up or down steps as steep as 45 degrees. The robot can investigate unstable buildings and send information to humans, keeping people out of dangerous situations.