Getting to know one another

If humans and robots are to cooperate effectively, robots will need to understand what we want them to do, move safely around us and quickly adjust to our unpredictable behavior and chaotic environments. Robots that can express human emotions will seem more like us, building empathy and trust, and will be more readily welcomed into our lives.

Discover how engineering breakthroughs are helping create robots that can work with humans effectively to enhance our lives. See a robot exoskeleton that augments physical strength and can be used by those who are paralyzed. Watch soccer ‘bots cooperate with each other as they compete in a game.

Among others, you'll get to know…


PARO is a furry baby seal robot that has been used for animal therapy in places like nursing homes and hospitals. Sensor pads inside the robot—also demonstrated nearby—read your touches and allow it to respond accordingly. Pet PARO and see how you both react.


EMYS makes eye contact, reads your expressions and makes faces of its own. It uses the facial recognition of a Microsoft Kinect and facial coding software to see you and understand your emotional expressions. Go ahead, make a face! EMYS will try to replicate your look.