Work with Patterns

After the mirror maze, put your experience and knowledge of patterns to work. Digital drawing stations let you create patterns, sequences, shapes and objects on a series of touchscreens.

Patterns in Nature

Explore fractal branching by creating a tree and modifying its branching, or take on the role of a digital animator to create a mountain range. Explore intriguing spirals, Voronoi patterns and Fibonacci numbers by manipulating 3D models of objects, like a pinecone, artichoke, cabbage, tortoise shell and more.

Patterns in the Cultural World

Throughout history, humans have replicated the natural world’s patterns, intentionally or subconsciously, in their architectural concepts. Match patterns to architectural structures across thousands of years and continents. Mathematical patterns can also be found in music, as you’ll discover when you compose music using symmetry.

Patterns in You

Patterns and shapes that make up nature and the man-made world can also be found in the human body. Reveal the ratios and proportions at work in you, and see the Voronoi patterns within your skin. Examine your facial symmetry (or lack thereof), and see the fractal branching of your eye’s blood vessels.