Explore the Patterns

To begin finding the patterns around us, it helps to know what they look like. Numbers in Nature introduces four in particular: the Golden Ratio (ɸ), spirals, fractal branching and Voronoi patterns.

Immersive Theater

The visual journey continues in an immersive large-format theater, where a four-minute film reveals the elegance and pervasiveness of patterns in nature. Captivating images of nature, the human body, even art and architecture are shown with overlaid animated computer graphics to describe the mathematical patterns beneath these familiar objects.

Interactive Stations

After exiting the theater, explore what you learned in the film. Spin discs to explore objects featured in the film, create additive number sequences that explore the “Golden Ratio” or phi (ɸ), and watch an animation that describes what a sequence is and how ratios, proportions and patterns can be derived from them.