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Future Energy

past exhibit

While this exhibit is no longer at Griffin MSI, you can explore What's Here to begin planning your visit.

Energy is everywhere and in everything. It’s even in you.

Discover your inner generator in Future Energy. In this playful, theatrical area, you’ll transform energy from one form into another as you ride a bike, crank a generator to power dazzling visual effects, or feel the difference in energy demand among different types of light bulbs. The energy inside you becomes energy you can see, bringing the Energy Garden to life. See how energy shapes your world in a short film that reminds us that the future of energy is ours to create.

Future Energy Chicago was a permanent exhibit included in Museum Entry. It closed to the public in August 2022.

Past Exhibit

Future Energy Chicago is closed.

    The exhibit is made possible by the generous support of BP and the Exelon Foundation. Additional funding provided by “Public Museum Capital Grants Program,” Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois State Museum; Anonymous; Elizabeth Ruth Bakwin; The Aunt Marlene Foundation; and Mr. Edward M. Bakwin.