Farm Tech shows you the science and technology helping to raise the world's food and keep up with a growing demand.

As populations have grown, the farms feeding them have grown bigger… and smarter. More and more, farmers are using cutting-edge methods to work more efficiently while reducing effects on the environment. Explore the techniques being used on today's farms—while getting in some of that tractor time you've been missing.

Combine tractor in exhibit
Learn not just how much a cow poops,
but the power available *in* that poop.
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Crop Gear

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Enjoy all the charm of a visit to the farm, but updated with today's technology. Climb behind the steering wheel of a combine equipped with GPS for precise rows. Challenge friends and family to a speed contest on the robotic milking simulator. In the soy shed, see just how many of the items in your pantry use this versatile bean. There's automation, chemistry, genetics, agriculture and engineering… but as in Griffin MSI's tradition of farm exhibits, there are always the simpler pleasures.

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