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save a ton when you

Eat Smart

More ways to save one metric ton of CO2.

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Eat Smart

You can also eat your way to reducing your impact on the climate!

  • Eat more plant-based foods. Raising livestock for meat, especially beef and lamb, counts for a large part of our economy’s greenhouse gas problem.
  • Do a “meatless day” at least twice a week. Check out some great ways to get delicious protein from plants.
  • Enjoy the fresh goods from your local farmers' markets.
  • Do some gardening or join a community garden. It can help reduce pollution from large-scale agriculture and transportation.
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Share Ideas

Finally, you can "help a ton" by getting involved in your neighborhood, your town, your state and your nation:

  • Spread the word and support work being done in your area to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Get involved in organizations that work to solve both local and regional issues.

Photo: Matthew Rutledge (via Creative Commons)