Snoozeum FAQs

Don't sleep on these useful tips for spending the night at the Museum!

Most Snoozeum questions can be answered by the Snoozeum Participant Guide. Be sure to review this document before the event.

Snoozeum Participant Guide

Bringing a large group (15 or more)? Be sure to review Large Group Information and the Group Leader Guide.

Can I check in late?

Yes. After 8 p.m., you may check in at the Snoozeum Information Table (up escalators to Lower Level 1).

Can I bring food or drink?

Please do not bring any food or drink with you to the Museum. A snack and continental breakfast are included in Snoozeum registration (Platinum registrations include a hot breakfast). Dinner will be available for purchase (see question below). Exceptions will be made if you have specific food allergies.

Will there be restaurants open so we can buy dinner?

Museum eateries will be open in the early evening for dinner purchases (with options like burgers, pizza, salads and sandwiches). Vending machines will also be available.

Will I get a patch for attending?

Yes. Families and small groups (14 or fewer) can pick up complimentary patches at the Information Table until 11 p.m. Patches for large groups (15 or more) will be given to group leaders to distribute.

What will be showing in the Giant Dome Theater?

One of the current Giant Dome Theater offerings at the time of your event will be playing. Information will be sent before the event.

Is there a T-shirt available?

Snoozeum T-shirts are included with Gold and Platinum Tier registrations. While supplies last, they may be available for purchase from Coat Check the following morning. Check your onsite program for more information.

Can I bring an inflatable mattress?

Yes, but there are limited outlets for air pumps. Please do not inflate your mattress until bedtime.

Can I plug something in overnight?

Although we have some outlets around, they don't all stay on all night. To inquire about special arrangements, email or call the Snoozeum hotline: (773) 753-3885.

Can I sleep anywhere in the entire building?

For safety, we will assign you an exhibit area for sleeping. Please don't set up anywhere other than your pre-assigned one, or you will be asked to move. If you have a problem or concern about your assigned sleeping area, please contact a Museum staff member.

Can we wander and explore the Museum all night?

No. Exhibits will be closed after a set time, because Snoozeum participants will be sleeping throughout the building.

Does it get dark after the lights go out?

Not entirely. Safety lights remain on in all exhibits. Some areas are darker than others. If you have trouble getting to sleep, we have complimentary sleep masks, or you may bring your own.

Does the Museum get cold at night?

The Museum is a very large building, and temperatures will vary from area to area. We recommend bringing layers of clothing to ensure comfort.

Is first aid available?

Staff trained in first aid will be available throughout the entire evening. If a need for first aid arises, please notify the nearest Museum staff member.

How can I ask a question before the event date?

Email or call the Snoozeum hotline at (773) 753-3885.

What if I must reach someone during the event?

Call our security desk at (773) 753-2574. For a quicker answer, call (rather than e-mail) on the day of the event.