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Meet NASA innovators with visionary ideas powering new missions to the most extreme environments in and out of our solar system!

This online event features two futuristic concepts for our next frontiers of space exploration. As NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Fellows, the scientists behind these projects are creating innovative, technically credible, advanced concepts that could one day "change the possible" in aerospace.

  • Peter A. Curreri, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of Lunar Resources Inc., will present a concept for a Lunar South Pole Oxygen Pipeline to reduce the cost and risk of lunar surface operations for the Artemis program and its goal to develop a permanent human presence on the Moon.
  • Zack Cordero, Ph.D., Edgerton Career Development Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT, will present a concept for Large Bend-Formed structures in a new generation of spacecraft on orbit with increased sensing, communication, and power capabilities.

MSI is proud to present From Science Fiction to Science Fact as the latest edition of a long-running partnership with NIAC.

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Webinar recording