Our Design

The Griffin Museum of Science and Industry is dynamic, vibrant, and ever-evolving and we need a design system to match.

We are committed to taking strategic and tangible steps to modernize Griffin MSI as a museum of the future, a place that will inspire learners for the next 100 years, and as part of that we have refreshed our brand while paying homage to our roots.


Designed using the DNA of its predecessor, we have maintained the iconic cube, but with softer edges, referencing our work to be more welcoming and accessible for all.


Inspired by the energetic community that makes us who we are, we now have a whole bunch of colors designed to take discovery, exploration, and creativity to the next level.

Orange—bright, welcoming, and curious—encompasses our brand tenets. We were also inspired by the color's namesake fruit, which does not originally occur in nature—the orange is the result of a cross pollination between a mandarin and a pomelo. A perfect representation of science + industry!