Leadership Staff

President and CEOChevy Humphrey
Senior Vice President
& Chief Revenue Strategist
Sheila Cawley
Vice President, Finance
& Chief Financial Officer
Jon Assell
Ruth D. and Ken M. Davee
Vice President, Education
& Chief Learning and Community
Partnership Officer
Jessica Chavez
Vice President,
General Counsel
Pam Chen
Vice President, Human Resources
& Chief of People and Culture
Syeda Soofia
Vice President,
Exhibitions and Building
& Chief Creative Officer
David Woody
Assistant Vice President,
Marketing and Sales
Curt Gruber
Assistant Vice President,
Devon Nelson
Assistant Vice President,
Government Relations and
Business Development
Anne Rashford
Assistant Vice President,
Business Services and
Guest Engagement
Brad Schiever
Assistant Vice President,
Exhibitions and Partnerships
& Head Scientist
Patty Ward