the developing youth! project

Transition Points Podcast

A series based on the Developing YOUth! Project's "Transition Points: Snapshots of a STEM Journey."

About this podcast

This series is meant to provide a glimpse into the experiences of some of our Science Minors and Achievers alumni as they graduated from high school and transitioned onto college campuses and later into professional careers.

We break down their experiences into five themes with three accompanying components: a research brief, a blog post, and a podcast episode.

Cindy La Nguyen, researcher and project manager at MSI, provides background on the Developing YOUth! Project and introduces this podcast series.

Cindy discusses how the skills promoted in the Science Minors and Achievers program may have helped youths, according to some of our participants' experiences.

Cindy presents how participants felt about community engagement through STEM education and how these experiences may have impacted their academic and career choices after they left the program.

Cindy describes what participants reported about how the MSI staff's genuine care for them made an impact on their lives and how they felt about themselves.

Cindy shares participants' descriptions of the program's positive peer culture and supportive environment, and some different experiences with science education after leaving the program.

Concluding the series, Cindy collects impressions from participants about the program's lasting effects on their studies and outlook.


Transition Points: Snapshots of a STEM Journey is based on findings from The Developing YOUth! Project, a longitudinal, mixed-methods, and quasi-experimental study from the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. The project started in 2016 and is currently supported by the Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust. Previously, it has been supported by the National Science Foundation. Special thanks to Dr. Aaron Price, the original principal investigator; Dr. Faith Kares and Dr. Ali Mroczkowski for their previous work on this project; and Dr. Cindy La Nguyen, the creator of this series. All participant information, such as names and occupations, have been modified or altered in order to maintain confidentiality.