Developing YOUth! Project

Measuring the long-term impact of a STEM-based out-of-school time program

Developing YOUth!

Developing YOUth! is a project studying the impact of the Museum’s Science Minors and Science Achievers youth development programs on participants after they graduate from high school and move on into the world. More specifically, it will look at their career choices and relationships with science. 

The Science Minors and Achievers programs are made up of a diverse group of adolescents, many of whom belong to groups historically underrepresented in STEM careers but who together have the power to change the future of our country, the world and science as a whole. This project will help identify ways MSI, and other organizations like it, can support youth as they build their own paths.

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This project is a partnership between the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago and University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education, with support from the Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust and the National Science Foundation (award No. 1514593).