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This conference was held April 5-7, 2022. Click here for the conference report white paper.

APRIL 6–7, 2022

Exploring the Use of Non-Science Themed Art in Science Education

Session Leaders, Speakers and Collaborators

Dr. Aaron Price (PI)
Director of Research and Evaluation, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Alexa Miller
Founder, Arts Practica and Lecturer in Health: Science, Society and Policy Program, Brandeis University

Amber C. Coleman
Ph.D. Candidate and Graduate Assistant (Art and Visual Culture Education) and Graduate Student Developer (Center for Digital Humanities), University of Arizona

Dr. Ann Tanner
Neuroscientist and Leader of People and Experiences

Dr. Hee-Sun Lee
Senior Research Scientist, Concord Consortium

Dr. Jeffrey Smith
Professor, University of Otago College of Education

Dr. Jen Dewitt
R&E Consultant and Senior Research Fellow, University College London Institute of Education

Manny Juarez, M.Arch. (co-PI)
Director of Science and Integrated Strategies, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Dr. Meg Moorman
Director of Faculty Innovation in Nursing Education Center, Coordinator of MSN in Nursing Education and Associate Clinical Professor, Indiana University

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