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Virtual Field Trips

Take a Museum field trip without leaving your classroom.

When you can't come to MSI, take a virtual field trip with us instead. Participate in a facilitated Learning Lab livestream, or take a live virtual tour of some of our most popular exhibits. And check out our free online STEM learning tools for new ways to engage.  

Virtual Field Trip offerings

Go live into the operating room to watch heart surgery and learn about careers.

online: Grades 5-8

Virtual Mars 2040

Learn how NASA plans to get the first manned mission to Mars by the year 2040.

online: Grades 7-12

Virtual MedLab: Diabetes

Learn about vital signs and medical examinations while you analyze data to diagnose and understand diabetes.

online: Grades 3-5

Virtual Weather Wise

Explore atmospheric phenomena and learn how scientists predict weather.

online: Grades 4-8

Virtual Crime Lab

Solve a crime with fingerprint analysis, chromatography, white powder analysis and more.

online: Grades 2-6

Virtual Vortex

Explore our 40-foot vortex and learn about the forces that create it.

online: Grades 4-7

Virtual Tesla Coil

Experience lightning and learn the Tesla Coil's relation to wireless technology.